LEGO Ending Store Calendars this 2022

lego storecal dec2021

As November of the previous year gave way to December, LEGO put up their December 2021 Store Calendar. To make no bones about it, that LEGO Store Calendar was as bland as can be. The date spaces were bare where exclusives and events used to be marked. The LEGO Creator Skiing Santa Claus (3058) GWP remained the only notable offer listed in that month’s calendar. We know that there would have been more GWPs like Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ Living Room (40489) that were cancelled. It was a lackluster store calendar …and as it turns out, probably the last one too.

The Brick Fan reports that, starting this year 2022, we will be getting no monthly LEGO Store Calendars. This development was gleaned from an update image, ostensibly from LEGO, frequenting LEGO-related social media. The reason the post gives ranged from changes in marketing strategy, operational shifts, and current global events. As a result of these factors, LEGO can’t seem to put in a greater variety of calendar content. After all, would you brave going into a LEGO Store when health alerts are still ongoing. This would explain why we have no January 2022 calendar from LEGO. Of course, this is just what that announcement image tells us for now.

Said post hasn’t exactly been substantiated by LEGO itself. Then again, certain recent developments do give credence to the halt of monthly store calendar updates. We at The Brick Show have enjoyed sharing what we learn from these formerly-regular and fun-filled announcements. But if December 2021 was indeed the end, then know that we’ll miss the LEGO Store calendars already. Hopefully LEGO’s potential replacement for them is just as engaging.

Addendum: LEGO has confirmed it. In the future the Stores page  will update the usual Calendar info such as GWPs and events .

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