Ideas 10K: Steampunk Airship Joins First 2022 Review

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This past weekend saw a blitz of product ideas on LEGO Ideas getting the needed 10,000 supporters for review. Much like past weeks, we’ll feature these additions to the First 2022 Review Stage once per day. Anyhow, our next 10-K submission is the second vehicle set-build for this batch, and a fantasy-themed ride too. Anyone who has played early “Final Fantasy” videogames would recognize this. Given that the creator is a 10K Club Member, we can expect wicked details here. In fact, this product idea could start a theme with a Third 2021 Stage passer. Both of them are Steampunk.

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Courtesy of 10K achiever BrickHammer, Steampunk Airship looks to impress LEGO Ideas reviewers after gaining support. BrickHammer freely admits to being inspired by fantasy airship designs to make this set. He also made the call to theme this airship as a research vessel, rather than the familiar/popular pirate ship.

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The ship is carried in the air by a zeppelin-shaped balloon, propelled forward by steam vents astern. For protection against air pirates, the airship packs two cannons, deployable at either port or starboard. Bubble windows provide views to crew inside the decks be they at quarters, Captain’s room or engine section.

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To man the Steampunk Airship, BrickHammer provides four minifigures: captain, first mate/navigator, engineer and gunner. They’ll get a lot to do with the vessel with how busy and prop-filled it is.

ideas brickhammer steampunkairship 4

All in all, we’re looking at a good candidate for passing the LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage. If it does, along with Steampunk Explorers from Third 2021, could we be looking at a LEGO Steampunk line? Now that’s a nice possibility to ponder.

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