Next LEGO GWP: Vintage Taxi (40532) Coming Jan-28

40532 1

Late last year, we got the first bits of news regarding an upcoming LEGO Creator Expert set, a modular one. Said set would mark the 15th anniversary of these modular building sets that began with 2007’s Café Corner (10182). This was unveiled in December 2021 as the Boutique Hotel (10297) that launched this January 1, 2022. But the earlier rumors noted that the set would be paired with a 15th anniversary GWP, numbered 40532. Boutique Hotel came out without word of 40532, which was said to become a GWP sometime this month. As January comes to a close, we finally have info on this item.

Courtesy of German LEGO news sources Promobricks, we now know GWP set 40532 as Vintage Taxi. To match with the retro aesthetics of Boutique Hotel (10297), Vintage Taxi (40532) does look like a classical taxicab. The vehicle is all yellow and black with room for driver and a backseat passenger. Said cabbie looks like he drives in the streets of Paris a few decades ago. The 163-piece GWP set also includes elements to make a roadside taxi stop and garbage can. This GWP will supposedly launch on January 28. It’ll be available with minimum LEGO purchases of €200, which matches Boutique Hotel’s European SRP (US$199.99).

Do note that this GWP info must be considered a rumor until LEGO gives us official word.

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