John Harvey’s London Underground Gets 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

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One urge probably felt by many LEGO builders is the desire to add plenty of cool stuff to their creations. Maybe they want more complex details like props. Perhaps they think they can fit in one more feature or room with furnishings. This new product idea with 10-K support from LEGO Ideas member John Harvey apparently fits the bill. It can be considered a “regional” City set, seeing as it’s based on London, UK. One notable characteristic of this build is that it comprises three stories. Two of them are above street level and the other is, quite appropriately, Underground.

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John Harvey pulled out all the stops, as it were, for “Mini City Diorama: London with Underground Station.” Like the name says, it shows a London Underground station in a two-story corner building.

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The beauty part is that it also depicts the subterranean Underground tube with a train waiting. The station building is housed in a brownstone structure.

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Aside from the station entryway the building boasts a coffee stand and mailbox at ground level. The upper floor features an architect’s office filled with computer screens, maps and a drafting machine.

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Commuters descend to the tube by way of an escalator, where a train driver is ready to welcome them aboard.

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This marks the first contemporary-period building set to enter the LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage. London with Underground Station would be a challenging but sweet addition to a LEGO City-scape. But First 2022 Stage is only just begun. More product ideas are certainly inbound after gaining the requisite support.

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