LEGO VIDIYO to be Discontinued at January’s End

lego vidiyo

There is a method to how LEGO releases its wide variety of products. Some themed lines are core to the brand and are assured of having sets released. Other new themes get introduced and run for a fixed period. If buyers and collectors like them enough however, these lines stand a chance of being promoted as regulars. Still other themes barely even make it through their release window period and stop getting new stuff. LEGO VIDIYO debuted last year as a cool new fusion of brick-building, music and TikTok-esque app. Now, it’s been officially discontinued after a prematurely-halted 2021 launch.

LEGO revealed this in an announcement going into last weekend, according to The Brick Show. While they initially phrased the mid-July 2021 pause in rollout of VIDIYO sets as temporary, apparently it’s become permanent. There was speculation that rollout would resume around 2023. Instead, LEGO VIDIYO will be considered a discontinued theme effective January 31 this year. The decision to terminate the line, which tanked in sales after launching 2021, came about after months of research. LEGO however assures that VIDIYO’s concept of fusing building with music is one they hope to revisit in future.

In line with this, not all of LEGO VIDIYO will be discontinued; just the physical sets. The tie-in mobile app, which can produce effects-laden music videos, will remain supported by LEGO for at least two years. This is in consideration of collectors who bought VIDIYO products, which contain pieces that interact with the app. In that at least, LEGO VIDIYO won’t immediately go to waste. At least it got a collaboration with Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”

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