LEGO Starts Distributing Special MRI Scanner Sets to 600 Hospitals Globally

LEGO MRI banner

Not all LEGO sets are purchasable goods for collectors. LEGO  has also designed some special few to serve greater symbolic purposes. Last year we featured LEGO’s collaborative plan with NASA to send astronaut minfigures aboard the un-crewed Artemis 1 mission. This test launch of a prospective new-generation lunar mission spacecraft is due to happen sometime this year. In another field, LEGO Foundation announced last month its simple idea to ease children’s concerns about getting an MRI. Their idea: distribute some special MRI scanner sets to be to local-community hospitals around the world. LEGO looks to be ready now.

As told by Brickset, a February 23 press release from LEGO announced their plans to donate brick-built MRI Scanner sets. Hospitals around the world with a radiology department and MRI Scanning facility can apply to receive one of these. Thus far, LEGO has earmarked 600 MRI Scanner sets to be given to selected hospitals that have applied here. LEGO designer Erik Ullerlund Staehr developed these sets back in 2015. It’s based on the MRI setup of Odense University Hospital in Denmark, made out of nearly 500 pieces. It depicts two MRI techs giving a scan to an excited boy.

That’s the kind of mood LEGO hopes to instill in young MRI subjects through their limited-edition special sets. Already, LEGO MRI sets have arrived at about 100 applicants of their planned 600 beneficiary hospitals worldwide. More information about the MRI Scanner sets can be found above courtesy of the LEGO Foundation. They even made an introductory video for it too.

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