LEGO Ideas 10-K Set for Review: Polaroid SX-70 Camera

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We at The Brick Show have made the website visit to LEGO Ideas for 10-K support updates often enough. Whenever we check new additions to the current Review Stage, we see some cool submissions at Product Ideas’ front page. Some of these would eventually gain their needed 10,000 supporters and we’d cover them when they do. One such product idea has indeed performed that feat and we’ll feature it now. This one’s notable as a mechanically-focused set. We showed you such a submission as part of First 2022 Review, with The LEGO Toilet. 10k Club Member Minibrick Productions aims to outdo that with this build.

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What could be better than a LEGO Toilet with flush mechanism? How about a near 1:1 reproduction of the Polaroid SX-70 camera? In the late 20th Century, Polaroid was a household name in terms of instant-developing photography. The One-Step SX-70 is among the most iconic Polaroid camera models. Using 538 LEGO pieces Minibrick Productions reproduced the camera with instant photo pop-out action. The build provides for several sample photo-plates that could be swapped and loaded into the camera. A twist of the left-side gear and the “developed” Polaroid photo rolls out or in as needed.

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Beyond the photographic print rollout, this brick-built Polaroid cam features a transparent viewfinder. The front can also open up to insert photos, but the interior also replicates the SX-70’s inner workings. Minibrick Productions proves their well-deserved 10K Club membership in LEGO Ideas with this submission. We know we come across as contradicting ourselves with every new “strong” submission. But this one’s pretty cool. Will the Ideas Reviewers agree? It’ll be a long wait to find out. In the meantime, this First 2022 Review Stage will have more 10-K entries yet.

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