10-K Review Support for Wuppertal Suspension Railway in LEGO Ideas

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Among LEGO’s larger vehicular sets, trains have a prominent spot that’s well beyond just a niche. It’s understandable, given the overlap between train-loving LEGO collectors and model-train aficionados. Some sets even have provision for adding Power Functions. While LEGO has been making great train sets already, their LEGO Ideas submission platform isn’t lacking in possibilities either. The Third 2021 Review Stage from last year saw a 10-K product idea depicting the historical Union Pacific Big Boy. This First 2022 we already have a Polar Express. But a new submission with 10,000 supporters looks to steal the spotlight on it now.

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Ideas member Manuel9000 brings us a LEGO train that’ll easily gain attention from having turned its tracks upside-down. His build depicts the suspension monorail based from Wuppertal, Germany. The Wuppertaler Schwebebahn is the world’s oldest electric elevated railway with hanging cars, having been in operation since 1901. Its route covers 13.3 kilometers connecting two Wuppertal streets, with an entire trip lasting around 30 minutes. The railway and its electric cars have been upgraded in its 120 years of service. Manuel9000 notes that his 10-K product idea could be the first LEGO model for the Schwebeban.

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The Wuppertaler Schwebebahn build depicts the train system in use since 2016. Blue railcars hang from its electric monorail suspension, above a station platform with commuters and staff. According to Manuel9000, accurate scaling had to give way to accommodating LEGO minifigures. Passengers can sit inside, hold handrails, and even operate the cockpit controls. This set however is a static display with immobile joints and suspension. Nevertheless, it looks very impressive, and maybe LEGO Ideas could find a way to make things more mobile. Of course, that means passing First 2022 Review, and that’s challenging enough with its ever increasing submissions.

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