LEGO Insects by hachiroku24 Joins First 2022 Review

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For the LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage, the distinction of first buildable animal submission is already taken. And sure, the buildable Koala by legotruman is cute (the accompanying baby, doubly so). But product ideas are constantly racing to reach 10,000 supporters all the time. That determines which submission is the latest addition to any review stage batch. As it happens, a build by 10K Club Member hachiroku24 is the newest buildable animal to join First 2022. This one’s a multiple creature set as well. Some of them might pass for cute like the koalas, but some others…are rather icky.

Well, how else to describe hachiroku24’s LEGO Insects, especially for those who are leery of creepy crawlies? Granted, the colorful LEGO pieces that make up these brick-built bugs make them more approachable. On the other hand, hachiroku24 certainly went for accuracy in depiction. He offers five insects in his batch product idea. Here they are:

Blue Morpho Butterfly
ideas hachiroku24 legoinsects 1
Hercules Beetle
ideas hachiroku24 legoinsects 2
Asian Lady Beetle
ideas hachiroku24 legoinsects 3
Western Honey Bee
ideas hachiroku24 legoinsects 4
Praying Mantis

ideas hachiroku24 legoinsects 5

All LEGO Insect models are free-standing. If you’re interested, hachiroku24 made the Blue Morpho Butterfly and Hercules Beetle to be life-sized. This submission could have some scientific interest especially for young science students. We’ll have to see if the 10-K support proves worth it with the LEGO Ideas review crew in future.

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