LEGO Building Instructions Entry for BrickHeadz Spice Girls Tribute (40548) Found

40548 banner

LEGO BrickHeadz has been ably represented in the year 2022, with set releases on both January and February 1. These may well be also just the tip of the iceberg for the theme this year. Bigger things are yet to come, if this piece of news from The Brick Fan is any indication. Thus far, LEGO BrickHeadz sets have come in either single or double character packages. The February launch alone saw three of the four released sets being twofers. What would you think of a BrickHeadz set with more than two buildable characters then?

We might not have long to find out according to the Building Instructions customer service page. Apparently, a search for set number 40548 brings up an epic BrickHeadz product with five characters. Why that many? Because they’re all part of an iconic group: a girl group. BrickHeadz Spice Girls Tribute (40548) is coming soon. The building instructions entry contains no info other than a photo of the Spice Girls figures. From left to right we’ve got: “Baby” Emma, “Scary” Mel B., “Sporty” Mel C., “Ginger” Geri and “Posh” Victoria. The set even comes with a couple microphone stands for the girls to perform with.

With this Building Instructions entry, BrickHeadz Spice Girls Tribute (40548) is confirmed enough to not be a rumor. All that remains now is the official LEGO announcement and online product listing. We could be having this five-character BrickHeadz set as early as next month, March 1. So let’s wait.

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