Revamped Pick a Brick Launches in Europe

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Back in the middle of this past January, LEGO announced some streamlining of other services on their official website. This came about as a result of several online surveys they conducted late last year. One course of action they sought to implement was the fusion of two customer service platforms. Bricks & Pieces, which replaces broken/missing pieces from packaged LEGO sets, was to be folded into Pick a Brick. The latter was where buyers could purchase individual pieces by quantity. LEGO planned a staggered release of the new combined service, which has officially launched in Europe this past Monday.

Brickset has it that the new Pick a Brick is now active in the UK, France, Netherlands and Germany. At last, some confusion on LEGO customers regarding their online services will be alleviated by this central service hub. The original Pick a Brick, and Bricks & Pieces, had separate LEGO-piece selections, with certain exclusive elements. Now, all purchasable single LEGO piece is under one online roof. Its new interface has also been simplified for easier selection of items. Customers can search the brick database by set name, color, design, element number and other criteria.

While European LEGO brick-hunters explore the possibilities of the new Pick a Brick, North America will have to wait. Their version of the service won’t open until sometime later this month. Apparently it’s also waiting on a new LEGO fulfillment center to open for the region. The original Pick a Brick and Bricks & Pieces pages remain on US.

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