LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review: Castle of Brickwood Forest Gains 10-K Support

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It’s not always busy at LEGO Ideas with 10-K submissions being added regularly to Review Stages. Still, those aspiring product ideas can be very inspiring, especially if they get reviewed and possibly approved. And sometimes they follow an established LEGO theme, but with features that official sets never had before. We sort of feel that way with this new entry to the Ideas First 2022 Review. 10K Club member poVoq dips into the LEGO Castles well for this build that hit 10,000 supporters. At first glance it looks like any other LEGO-brick castle already officially released, or built by others. But then the magic unfolds.

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That may have come across as too dramatic to describe “Castle of Brickwood Forest.” But poVoq’s work here sort of warrants it. Sure, at first glance we see the basic LEGO castle elements: walls, drawbridge, towers and lots of minifigs. But this Brickwood Forest castle also boasts fun and easy play access.

ideas poVoq brickwoodcastle 2

The drawbridge and battlement can open apart to reveal the interior.

ideas poVoq brickwoodcastle 3

Even the main keep’s roof swings open like a lid.

ideas poVoq brickwoodcastle 4

Finally, the keep’s upper floors can slide out to widen the spaces.

Castle of Brickwood Forest was designed to emulate a castle siege. The included minifigs are divided into two factions, the besieging Black Falcons and defending Lion Knights.

ideas poVoq brickwoodcastle 5

The Falcons field a buildable horse-drawn war wagon and siege ladder. The Lions, who are led by their King, fight to protect the castle and its secret treasures. Castle chambers include a dungeon, kitchen, storeroom, throne room, two bedrooms, and a tower staircase. This is yet another big prospective set with 3,000 pieces. With this, building sets now dominate the entries for LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review. Will this be a good reviewer’s choice? That’s their future decision.

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