Five More 10K Product Ideas in First 2022 Review Stage

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Over the previous week, there were a good number of LEGO Ideas submissions that have reached 10,000 review supporters. It was our bad that we couldn’t quite keep up. To that end we’ll have a digest feature on each of the new 10-K product ideas joining First 2022 Review. True, LEGO itself has noticed that plenty of builds go through Ideas review with only handfuls becoming official sets. We agree with some fellow LEGO news sites that LEGO Ideas’ process may need re-tweaking. In the meantime, we’ll cover the 10-K sets like we’ve always done.

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“The Gilmore Girls” House by marodipietro (10K Club Member)

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It’s a great modular recreation of the house of the titular Gilmore family from the 2000s The WB/The CW series. There’s a two-story house and separate garage. Said house can open in half on hinges, along with the roofs for play access. The garage also contains the family car. This set has nine character minifigures: Lorelai Gilmore and daughter Rory, plus supporting cast. The interior is supposed to contain several Easter eggs from the TV show. Depending on when it might release if approved, this set could commemorate “The Gilmore Girls” on its 25th premiere anniversary.

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“Aladdin”: Friend Like Me (30th Anniversary Special) by Lud985 (10K Club Member)

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2022 marks the 30th Anniversary of Disney’s “Aladdin,” released in 1992. This set depicts the “Friend Like Me” musical sequence at the Cave of Wonders. The buildable Genie boats points of articulation in his hands and even mouth. Aladdin (and microfig Abu) is also surrounded by quirky minifigs from the big dance sequence. Their performance platform even rotates. You ain’t never had a LEGO Disney set like this!

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The Market Village by Commander Brick

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Want to expand the world outside your LEGO Castle sets/builds? This product idea will help jumpstart your medieval village by giving it a market square. We have three key buildings: tavern/inn, smithy and storehouse. There’s also an open grassy area where outdoor stalls can set up. Being a village set, it’s also populated with minifigures. From villagers to peddlers to knights and noble ladies, you can meet almost anybody in this brick-built village.

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Air Jordan 1 by legotruman (10K Club Member)

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The LEGO-Adidas collaboration may have resulted in nice sportswear for the latter and limited-edition brick-built shoe sets for the former. But this product idea by legotruman may trump Adidas in terms of being iconic. How would you like a LEGO-brick replica of the first iteration of the Nike Air Jordan athletic shoe series? It may even come in different colors, either as included alternative pieces or set-color variants. This is sure to remind sporty collectors of when “Air Jordan” was the first name in shoes for athletics.

ideas jackotrebel legendseaserpent 1

The Legend of the Sea Serpent by rebeljackot and jackotrebel

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A mom and son duo had the idea of LEGO-building a house on a rock out at sea. From that project was born this submission, and it’s much bigger and better than its origin. Check out this family of three defending their island home from the massive sea serpent. We have a blend of heart-stopping action and potential drama playing out. Will the beast be driven off? You get to decide, if this set makes it past LEGO Ideas review.


And there we have it. Five 10K product ideas in the LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage have been duly featured.

2 thoughts on “Five More 10K Product Ideas in First 2022 Review Stage”

  1. Wow!!! I’m a fan of the site since ever. I visit the site on dailybaisis to check out the news about our favorite toy company.

    Imagine how suprised I’ve got by openning the site today and seing my Lego ideas project as cover of the lastest post… It is unbelievable!!!

    I am so, so flattered by having my project being featured here!!! Thank you guys!!!

    I’m the fan designer of the project “Aladdin: Friend like me”, by the way.

    Keep up the work!!! From a huge fan!

    1. It was our pleasure to feature it on The Brick Show. Sets with mechanical gimmicks will easily grab our attention.

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