Rumored “Coconut” LEGO Sets Not for “Indiana Jones” but for “Avatar 2”

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This past January we touched upon rumors of some upcoming LEGO sets for a specific theme. What’s notable about this was that the sets were collectively identified by a code word instead of a theme name. The word was “coconut.” At the time, LEGO news sites had some inkling about the licensed IP this codename represented, which we shared. It was believed that “coconut” was an obscure reference to the limited-run LEGO Indiana Jones line. This theme saw several sets and even videogames released in the late 2000s before going dormant. And this is why we marked it as “rumor.” The details could change easily.

Case in point, The Brick Fan reports that the alleged LEGO “Coconut” sets numbered 75571-75574 aren’t for LEGO Indiana Jones. Instead they’ll tie into the long-expected sequel to James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi epic “Avatar.” We also have a launch window for these LEGO Avatar 2 tie-ins: October 2022. Finally, the individual European prices for these sets were revealed. We’ve converted them to $ for convenience.

  • 75571560 pieces | €39.99/$43.63
  • 75572 572 pieces | €54.99/$60
  • 75573887 pieces | €89.99/$98.18
  • 755741,212 pieces | €139.99/$152.74

Those are some pricy LEGO sets. 75574 could either be quite big or very complex/intricate. Anyway, we have an estimate on when they’ll come out. Thus we can expect official word from LEGO before October this year. Until then however, we’ll keep this information filed under rumor. We already saw how the theme line changed. Sorry, Indy; maybe next time. Now as for “Avatar 2,” Cameron and 20th Century Studios expect to premiere it during the Holidays, so stay tuned.

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