1:1 Scale LEGO Ferrari Promotes Upcoming Attraction at LEGOLAND California

It took some doing, but now news of the COVID pandemic has been mostly relegated to the back-burner. With the improvement of conditions barring new strains, the world is powering back to some normalcy. And what better way to confirm this than seeing public attractions like theme parks back in full swing? That includes LEGOLAND parks across the world, with many hyping new spectacles as they’re built, sometimes LEGO-literally. Motor-headed fans are sure to love 1:1 scale LEGO-brick recreations of famous cars by pro design-build teams. One such vehicle is even now promoting an upcoming attraction over at LEGOLAND California.

According to The Brick Fan, LEGOLAND California in Carlsbad has unveiled a life-sized LEGO Ferrari F40 as an interactive attraction. It was made out of over 358,000 LEGO elements by a design team working over 3,000 hours (development-building). The 1:1 brick-car will promote the soon-to-open LEGO Ferrari Build and Race attraction on LEGOLAND California, this May 12. Being an interactive display, visitors will be able to sit inside for photo-ops. It looks forward to the Build and Race area, where LEGO fans can brick-build their dream supercars. Then they could test their creations and race their LEGO Ferraris digitally against one another, in pure fun.

While not mobile like the LEGO Bugatti Chiron years ago, this Ferrari F40 in LEGOLAND California’s still pretty cool. At the very least it’s more realistic than the dragon-taxi promoting LEGOLAND NY last 2021. This attraction skews more to the AFOL scale of LEGO fandom, which is quite considerate too. Park-goers can look ahead to May 12 to check out LEGO Ferrari Build and Race.