Jules Verne’s Nautilus Hits 10-K Support for LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review

ideas seb e nautilus 2

The LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage has run for nearly a third of said year by now. In terms of submissions, this batch of aspiring sets awaiting review has swelled to 39 product ideas total. And we have to say these are the most thematically-diverse entries yet to secure 10,000 supporters. You’ve heard this song and dance many times before since late January, so let’s move on. The 39th product idea to grave First 2022 Review is a public-domain IP. It may not be generally-appealing beyond “classical” literature fans, but it boasts intricate mechanics.

ideas seb e nautilus 1

Here we have “Jules Verne’s Nautilus” as interpreted by LEGO Ideas 10K Club Member Seb_E. His work depicts the titular submarine from the aforementioned author’s pioneering sci-fi novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” The buildable submarine set comes with a stand designed as the seafloor with Atlantean ruins, plus a gigantic squid encounter.

ideas seb e nautilus 3

Interior-wise, the Nautilus fits plenty of creature comforts for its minifigure crew. We have Captain Nemo and his First Mate, alongside passengers Professor Arronax, Conseil and Ned Land. With an articulated kraken plus easily accessible insides, Jules Verne’s Nautilus won’t get in the way of fun play.

ideas seb e nautilus 4

This submission certainly earned its 10-K support milestone, joining 38 others on LEGO Ideas’ First 2022 Review Stage. It’ll be an uphill battle given its predecessors on this batch. But any LEGO collector who reads Verne will want to see this become an official set.

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