Creator 3-in-1 Viking Ship (31132) Images Found in LEGO Building Instructions App

31132 1

A while ago, we mentioned upcoming LEGO sets appearing in the Building Instructions portal before getting official listings. It turns out that alternate venue of getting product info before being listed goes even deeper. LEGO’s Building Instructions service has since expanded into an actual downloadable mobile app. Available on App Store and Google Play, LEGO Building Instructions has become mobile for on-the-go LEGO-building reference. And yes, some new sets awaiting official launch have been found through the app. The best part about it would be the quality images of these products, as Brick Fanatics will attest with this news.


It turns out that the mobile app LEGO Building Instructions has an entry for a new Creator 3-in-1 set. This would be the wordy Viking Ship and the Midgar Serpent, numbered 31132. This is the long-rumored throwback to the LEGO Vikings theme, with a shout-out to Norse Mythology as an extra. In addition to building both Viking longship and sea serpent, the set can make the Fenris wolf or Viking hall. All the creature builds are poseable, while the longship and Viking hall are full of detailed features. The set also comes with buildable figures and several minifigs, including one with a new headpiece design.

31132 2

While not official, information from recent online catalog and European retailer listings price Viking Ship (31132) at €119.99 possibly. There’s also the possibility of this item coming out June 1 like the new LEGO City train sets. All that will have to wait until an official product announcement from LEGO.

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