New Pics, Info for Upcoming LEGO City Freight Train (60336)

74536 LEGO 60336 Gueterzug 17

Even if a new LEGO set you know is coming doesn’t have an official product listing yet, don’t fret. Perhaps some retailer might reveal it in advance. But maybe already has info on that upcoming item beyond just the product listing. There have been times when the Building Instructions page gets info on LEGO sets early too, with images even. This has happened this week with an upcoming LEGO City train set. It even included nice images of the product that has been shared before LEGO’s official announcement.

74536 LEGO 60336 Gueterzug 03

This juicy bit of info comes to us courtesy of German LEGO new source Promobricks. To wit, they got image of the upcoming LEGO City Freight Train (60336). This is one of three locomotive-related LEGO City sets primed to launch in June. The pictures even come with set data and European pricing too. Here’s a closer look at the set, plus its pertinent product info:

60336 1

Freight Train (60336)

1,153 pieces | 6 minifigures | Powered Up function | €179.99 | Coming June 1

74536 LEGO 60336 Gueterzug 20

74536 LEGO 60336 Gueterzug 21

Freight Train is part of a new batch of loco LEGO City sets coming out this year. The other two are a new Train Station (60335) and Passenger Express (60337). While we got images for Freight Train (60336) first, it’ll be Passenger Express that’ll be reliably available on wide retail. At least that’s what Promobricks reports. Apparently Freight Train and Train Station may only be guaranteed available via Shop. We’re going to need clarification on this and hope LEGO gives us an official reveal/product listing soon.

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