CN LEGO Store Calendar Reveals 90th Anniversary GWP, Forest Hideout (40567)

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All year this 2022 LEGO’s celebrating 90 years as a company older than the plastic bricks that made them iconic. One key component of their milestone celebration is the throwback sets. These products harken back to the early days of the LEGO brick system but are no less fun. Some 90th anniversary LEGO sets are out now while others are either still coming or rumored. And not all these milestone products are full sets; there will be some 90-years GWPs also coming our way. This much we know thanks to info in a local LEGO branded store calendar from China.

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Courtesy of Brickset, which found it on LEGO Facebook fan-page Candidbricks, we have this image of the 90th anniversary gift-with-purchase. Like the other milestone LEGO sets, this one calls back to an oldie theme. In 1988 LEGO released Forestmen’s Hideout (6054), a Robin Hood-esque tree-house hideaway. This 90th anniversary revamp is called the Forest Hideout (40567), comprised of 258 pieces. It’s a fantastic callback to the Forestmen sub-line of the LEGO Castle theme. The Chinese LEGO Store Calendar announces the set’s GWP period as June 15-30. That’s for China of course, so we’re waiting for the rest of the world.

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