New LEGO Duplo 2022 Sets Coming August 1, Now Listed on

LEGO Duplo 2022

The start of a new year and the holiday season are both primetime launch periods for LEGO sets. It’s the same deal for the beginning of summer, which falls smack-dab in the middle of the year. Specifically, that would be anytime from May to August if dividing a year into three. Already this week we’ve been getting word of the many LEGO sets making their debut on June 1. The reveals have been for all ages as expected. Speaking of ages, that rating would apply to the youngest builders too. So of course we’re getting new LEGO Duplo 2022 products headed our way.

Promobricks would have it that no less than nine Duplo sets are due to launch in mid-2022. According to them, this wave of new LEGO Duplo 2022 products also boasts a new color scheme for their box packaging. Now the new primary coloring has changed from green to white. In our opinion, the color change works great as it gives a “clean” look. One can also notice a common theme in the upcoming Duplo. Save for one set from early-age Marvel animation “Spidey and his Amazing Friends,” the rest feature animals. Duplo really rocks at depicting brick-buildable animals, as these listings show:

LEGO Duplo 2022

Spider-Man & Friends: Funfair Adventure (10963)
Age 2+| 41 pieces | 4 Duplo figures | $59.99 | Coming August 1

10963 1

  • Marvel action for little Super Heroes – Fans of the Spidey and His Amazing Friends Marvel TV Show on the Disney+ channel will love the LEGO® DUPLO® Marvel Spider-Man & Friends: Funfair Adventure (10963) set
  • Iconic characters – This activity-packed playset includes buildable fairground activities and 4 LEGO® DUPLO® figures from the Marvel Universe: Spidey, Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Green Goblin
LEGO Duplo 2022
Wild Animals of Africa (10971)
Age 2+| 10 pieces | $9.99 | Coming August 1

10971 1

  • Open-ended play – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of Africa (10971) gives preschoolers endless, hands-on, developmental fun with 2 baby animals in their natural environment
  • Toddler-friendly figures – The colorful playset includes a baby elephant and giraffe that are easy for toddlers to pick up and place, flowers, a tree and a 3-dimensional woodland playmat

LEGO Duplo 2022

Wild Animals of the Ocean (10972)
Age 2+| 32 pieces | $19.99 | Coming August 1

10972 1

  • Open-ended ocean fun – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of the Ocean (10972) gives fish-loving preschoolers endless, hands-on developmental fun with sea creatures in their natural habitat
  • Hands-on play – The colorful playset includes an adult and baby whale, tropical fish and a turtle, which are all easy for toddlers to pick up and place, plus a 3-dimensional undersea playmat

LEGO Duplo 2022

Wild Animals of South America (10973)
Age 2+| 71 pieces | $54.99 | Coming August 1

10973 1

  • Jungle animals and activities – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of South America (10973) takes little explorers into a jungle bustling with play possibilities
  • Wide variety of wildlife – The colorful playset includes a crocodile, 2 monkeys, a sloth, baby jaguar, toucan and alpaca, plus trees, rocks waterfall and a 3-dimensional jungle playmat

LEGO Duplo 2022

Wild Animals of Asia (10974)
Age 2+| 117 pieces | $89.99 | Coming August 1

10974 1

  • Explore Asian wildlife – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of Asia (10974) is a detailed recreation of Asia’s natural habitats, with a cast of native animals, plants and trees as well as realistic sounds
  • Captivating creatures – The set features adult and baby elephants, pandas and tigers, a monkey, 2 birds and 2 red pandas, as well as bamboo and cherry blossom trees and a 3-dimensional playmat

LEGO Duplo 2022

Wild Animals of the World (10975)
Age 2+| 140 pieces | $129.99 | Coming August 1

10975 1

  • The natural world in a playset – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of the World (10975) helps preschoolers discover and learn about the world’s wildlife and natural environments
  • 22 animals – Meet pandas in Asia, lions in Africa, deer in Europe, an alpaca in South America, a bear in North America, a koala in Australia, penguins in the Antarctic… and lots more

LEGO Duplo 2022

My First Puppy & Kitten (with Sound) (10977)
Age 1½+| 22 pieces | $39.99 | Coming August 1

10977 1

  • Pets for preschoolers – LEGO® DUPLO® My First Puppy & Kitten With Sounds (10977) provides playful learning opportunities for pet-loving toddlers
  • Cat and dog learning toys – The playset includes a buildable kitten and puppy that make realistic sounds for a variety of situations, plus a pet play hoop
  • Build developmental skills – Toddlers put 2 bricks together to make each pet, then care for them, play with them and listen to their needs

LEGO Duplo 2022

Wild Animals of Europe (10979)
Age 2+ | 85 pieces | $69.99 | Coming August 1


  • Explore nature – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of Europe (10979) provides preschoolers with endless, hands-on, play-and-learn opportunities among the wildlife of Europe
  • Toddler-friendly animals – Features 11 toy animals in their natural habitat: 2 adult deer, a baby deer, bear, fox, wild pig, bird, rabbit, duck and 2 squirrels

One LEGO Duplo 2022 set, Gingerbread House with Santa Claus (10976) is yet to be listed with official images. Do keep watching this space for updates.

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