LEGO Iron Man Armory (76216) Official Reveal, Coming this June 2022

LEGO Iron Man Armory

Just as LEGO looks towards the future with all-new sets, it continues to look back at the past too. Plenty of “new” sets announced by LEGO every year might be remakes of previous ones. How many LEGO Star Wars sets from years ago received a UCS revision already? And for LEGO Marvel, how many times did they reinterpret Tony Stark’s Iron Man armory across different sets? Around 2019-20 we got the Iron Man Hall of Armor (776125) and Iron Man Armory (76167), now both retired. And this 2022 LEGO’s giving that MCU locale yet another spin with the LEGO Iron Man Armory, as reported by Brickset.

Here we go again with a LEGO Marvel Iron Man Armory set, only this time numbered 76216. If you thought the armor slots from previous sets were limited due to being one level, try this version. It has two stacked rows for eight Iron Man armors, plus a workstation, tools, assembly pedestal, and sportscar. This set packs a Tony Stark/Iron Man minifig, accompanied by Pepper Potts, Nick Fury, War Machine, and “IM2” baddie Whiplash. The new Iron Man Armory (76216) is themed to the LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga line for set-piece compatibility. Here’s the official listing:

LEGO Iron Man Armory

Iron Man Armory (76216)

Age 7+ | 496 pieces | 8 minifigures | $89.99 | Coming June 1

76216 alt2

  • Iron Man headquarters – Celebrate Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga with the LEGO® Marvel Iron Man Armory (76216), packed with authentic details, features and minifigures
  • Marvel characters – Includes 8 minifigures: MK3, MK25 and MK85 Iron Man suits, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Nick Fury, War Machine and Whiplash
  • Realistic details – Familiar items from the movies include a sports car with Stark Expo model-map, a robot assistant arm, a work area with tools and loads of authentic accessories

It’s funny that LEGO revealed this set early this May, only to launch it next month.  Still, which LEGO and MCU fan could say no to a new brick-built armor gallery for Tony Stark?

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