LEGO Art The Rolling Stones (31206) Set Revealed

LEGO Art The Rolling Stones

LEGO Art is just the theme for LEGO collectors who love art, primarily of the 2D form. Sets from the LEGO Art line don’t really take up that much space. Assembling the tile-mosaic designs is also fun, especially if the set offers variations on imagery. Recent LEGO Art products range from superhero comic-book artwork to tributes to legendary musical artists. In the latter category, we’ve heard rumors from back in March about the imminent arrival of a LEGO Art Rolling Stones set featuring the legendary rock band. Unlike February’s Elvis Presley “The King” (31204), this one doesn’t actually feature the artist/s. But it’s still cool.

Brick Fanatics tells us that LEGO’s confirmed LEGO Art “The Rolling Stones” (31206) via a product listing. It’s no tile-art of Mick Jagger and crew, but instead a 22-in x 18.5-in brick-built rendition of the band logo. This massive LEGO icon, unconstrained by the fixed square/rectangular frames of previous LEGO Art, looks great on a wall. Perhaps that non-conventional design might explain the now-confirmed $149.99 price, despite having only 1,998 pieces. It also appears to be 3D in texture, compared to the painting-style convention of past LEGO Art sets.

31206 alt1

The Rolling Stones (31206)

Age 18+ | 1,998 pieces | $149.99 | Coming August 1

31206 alt5

  • Celebrate rock & roll – Explore the facets of The Rolling Stones’ logo as you build this LEGO® Art The Rolling Stones (31206) wall set in 3D as a tribute to the band’s 60th anniversary
  • Made for display – This immersive 1,998-piece LEGO® passion project includes 9 brick baseplates, a Rolling Stones signature tile, brick-built frame, brick remover and 2 hanger elements
  • Designed for rock fans – Pay tribute to the classic talent of The Rolling Stones, and their 60th anniversary, by creatinga LEGO® art piece of the band logo to hang with pride on your wall
  • Explore the music – Enter a state of inspired musical focus with the Soundtrack, which immerses you in unexpected details as you produce this wall art project

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Apparently, the set also has a QR code for listening to an online Rolling Stones soundtrack. That sounds great for when assembling LEGO Art Rolling Stones (31206). Expect this set to launch on August 1, what with the Rolling Stones celebrating a-rockin’ 60 years.

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