Kids Teases Next Technic Sets Coming this Summer

technic 42144 banner

Some LEGO collectors surely wait for upcoming sets to be featured with official product listings on the Shop. There’s nothing quite like the finality of those entries with detailed info, specs and product blurbs. Granted, these reveals aren’t instantaneous. Sometimes third-party retailers list their new LEGO items first. Or maybe we just get images on social media. LEGO’s done that too, like with two of their upcoming Technic sets now. Where to find these teaser pictures? As The Brick Fan has it, they’re on the Kids website. And they’re both quite mind-blowingly awesome.

technic 42144 01

These images and more can be seen in preview listings for LEGO Technic in for Kids. There are no box photos yet. But we do get cool action visuals of the Material Handler (42144) and Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter (42145). And because they’re built in the LEGO Technic system, one can’t help but gush at how “real” they look.

technic 42145 01

You probably agree after seeing these pictures too. Now the wait for their product listings on the main site feels a bit more cliff-hanging. Thankfully these upcoming LEGO Technic sets are earmarked for summer this year. We’ll probably get more official word soon enough.

technic 42145 00

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