Review Recent LEGO Star Wars “Mandalorian” Tie-Ins in this Cute Animated Short Starring Grogu

A Gift from Grogu LEGO STAR WARS 1 9 screenshot

When we last left the Mandalorian – outside of his own “Star Wars” series – he and Grogu were happily reunited. The Force-sensitive child of the late Yoda’s species chose to abandon Jedi training to help his one-time protector. We’ll have to wait until “The Mandalorian” season 3 rolls out on Disney+ to learn what happens next. But fans can certainly dream up some nice scenarios of the duo traveling the Galaxy in their custom Naboo starfighter. And if they’re LEGO collectors, these fans can potentially imagine some wild ideas. But can they beat an “official” LEGO Star Wars take on this?

That may well be the point of this cute LEGO animation short as shared by Brick Fanatics. The short, hosted on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, is titled “A Gift from Grogu”. Quite obviously it’ll involve everybody’s favorite Baby!Yoda doing something nice for Din Djarin, his Mandalorian protector. In this case Grogu uses the Force to assemble stray LEGO into something awesome. Merchandising-wise, he’s really just showing off recent LEGO Star Wars “The Mandalorian” tie-in sets. In fact, the production of this animation can be dated from the featured sets. They’re still using Razor Crest instead of the Starfighter.

In case you need a refresher, these are the sets featured. We have the Razor Crest (75292); its Microfighter version (75321); and The Mandalorian & the Child (75317). As for the gift, it’s The Child (Grogu) himself (75318). We can consider this a nice look back, given that new LEGO Star Wars stuff are coming. They’ll of course be teased during LEGO Con 2022, happening this coming Saturday June 18.

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