US Opens “Minifigure Factory” Beta

LEGO Minifigure Factory banner image

Nine decades of LEGO history on, one spinoff element of the brand’s become as integral as the plastic bricks themselves. It’s the minifigures, quite obviously. Evolution of the LEGO building system made the originally-decorative human shapes into figures with real character. Why else would LEGO minifigs become collectible as-is without needing to be tied to a set? Still, for all their variety, some LEGO fans might desire more uniqueness in the minifigs they get. For them, LEGO introduced services for creating fully-custom LEGO minifigs. But only selected LEGOLAND parks and LEGO Stores had them. But now, LEGO’s making the minifig-making possibility an online experience stateside.

Brick Fanatics has it that US has officially launched its Minifigure Factory page. As already stated, this now-online service allows customers to create personalized minifigures by choosing from a pool of option parts. Going even further, the design potential extends to customized text on the minifigure’s body, along with individual color choices. Where before, custom minifigs had to be done on-site at limited venues, the service reaches more people. But at present LEGO Minifigure Factory is on its beta phase, meaning some restrictions and limitations are in place.

First, orders are one custom minifigure per household only ($11.99). Second, the Minifigure Factory page is only active in certain locations. Third, it only ships items stateside. Non-US visitors to there might be able to access, but can only give US shipping address destinations. Fourth, the design choices are limited at this point. Hopefully the beta test will be successful and LEGO Minifigure Factory can launch for real soon.

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