“Brick to the Future”? New TM Filed by LEGO

10300 alt10

Sifting for news and rumors regarding LEGO can bring up some names and terms that gets the imagination hyped. Whether that hype is warranted or not won’t often be known until LEGO gives clarification later on. This news bit might catch some attention due to its sound-alike with a licensed IP getting LEGO love recently. By this we mean “Back to the Future”. The LEGO Icons Back to the Future Time Machine (10300) launched last April and quickly went out of stock. And it’s only the latest release in a short but notable line of LEGO tie-in products to “BOTF”.

So, what could this filing to the US Patent and Trademark Office by LEGO Juris A/S mean? This comes to us by way of The Brick Fan. They found a USPTO filing from LEGO, dated June 22, for trademarking “Brick to the Future”. This TM would cover “categories of toys, games and playthings” according to the registration, meaning LEGO products. At present this filing is still awaiting examination. But the question now is: could this tie to “Back to the Future”? Or is LEGO just making a pun-based title for something more their own make?

It does make for speculation. At least we can be sure that this is legit from LEGO. What does “Brick to the Future” hold for fans and collectors if it’s not “Back to the Future”-related? Another reason to watch this space with The Brick Show.

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