UCS Razor Crest (75331) Sticker Sheet Pic Leak

UCS Razor Crest (75331) sticker sheet

“The Mandalorian” was the first live-action spinoff series for the “Star Wars” mega-franchise, and it didn’t disappoint. Since premiering on Disney+ streaming in 2019, “The Mandalorian” has built up a solid following. One can say it helped revitalize the “Star Wars” fandom beyond the Sequel Trilogy and various animated series. Being ripe material for merchandising couldn’t hurt either, as the LEGO Star Wars tie-ins might attest. Despite being a cool transport spaceship destroyed too soon, Din Djarin’s Razor Crest deserves its set depictions. We’ve had a full set and a Microfighter. Of course, if a LEGO Star Wars vehicle’s popular then it’s getting a UCS.

LEGO Con 2022 teased an Ultimate Collector Series version of Razor Crest from “The Mandalorian”. Said set is given the number 75331 and will launch this coming November. More excitement for this LEGO Star Wars set built up according to Promobricks thanks to a social media least. An Instagram post from lego_fulcrum this past weekend gave a tantalizing peek at the set’s insides.

To be specific, the images show sticker sheets for The Razor Crest (75331). The stickers look to apply color detailing to Din’s ship, they even come with carbonite-frozen bounties too!

Thus far, details known about LEGO Star Wars UCS Razor Crest (75331) include its piece number and European pricing. The build will comprise of 6,187 pieces, fitting for the €549.99 price ($563.33 in direct conversion). LEGO Star Wars fans can look forward to this latest Ultimate Collector Series arriving October 3. Now we’re just waiting on the LEGO product listing.

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