Videogame Auteur Hideo Kojima Shows Latest LEGO Set on Twitter

21327 Side 01

Let’s face it: LEGO’s such a big brand that it definitely has loads of fans and collectors worldwide. Among that sprawling fan community are some big names to many others, be it mainstream or niche followings. You look hard enough in social media and some celebrity LEGO collector-builder might be sharing his latest completed set/MOC. To general fans the identities of these persons might come as a surprise. Take for instance big-name videogame designer Hideo Kojima, creator of the “Metal Gear” franchise for Konami. He’s a LEGO fan of distinction himself. And recently he tweeted about his newest set acquisition.

Brick Fanatics tells us that Hideo Kojima posted photos of a certain LEGO Ideas set he’s completed on Twitter. The tweet, dated July 16, shows nice close-ups of an Ideas Typewriter (21327). Also prominent in the background of one shot is the (retired) Ideas Grand Piano (21323). Kojima’s post only featured the photos of his set(s) and no commentary. Still, it generated quite the buzz among fans of both LEGO and Kojima. One such reply came from LEGO designer James May, part of the team that worked on Typewriter (21327).

While there’s not much to be done about the Grand Piano set, at least Ideas Typewriter is still available. At least it is on LEGO Shop for UK and most of Europe. Unfortunately, the US online store has it “temporarily out of stock” right now. That tweet’s a nice gesture from Kojima, something fans of his games from “Metal Gear” to “Death Stranding” might appreciate.

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