Director of “Lightyear” Shares LEGO-built Prototype for Official Tie-In Toyline


Back in June, Disney-Pixar released “Lightyear”, a “Toy Story” spinoff depicting an in-universe film featuring Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans). The movie supposedly chronicles the early adventures of the fictional character for which the Buzz action figure is based on. While not as emotionally gripping as the source films, the realistic take on Lightyear was visually-appealing at least. Filmmaker Angus McLane directed “Lightyear” and if the action sequences blew your mind, you know who to thank. McLane also had a hand in the tech designs for many of the machines/vehicles in the movie. And he had a familiar toy brand to help him materialize his ideas.

As if you haven’t guessed, LEGO was a key tool of Angus McLane in crafting designs for Disney-Pixar’s “Lightyear”. This much was revealed on social media according to Brick Fanatics. McLane tweeted this past August 19 his LEGO-built prototype for an official “Lightyear” toy. As seen below, he used mostly yellow LEGO bricks to build the Plasma Drill seen in the film. It looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? Even the official merchandise photo for comparison doesn’t quite capture the dynamic feel of the LEGO prototype. There’s also some corporate cringe involved. Turns out, the official “Lightyear” Plasma Drill toy comes from LEGO brand rival, Mattel.

But hey, Angus McLane did demonstrate how easily LEGO can translate imaginative fancies into “reality”. And it’s not as if LEGO would shy from partnering with their competitors. Icons Optimus Prime (10302), anyone? Now while the official LEGO Lightyear tie-ins are already launched, who’s to say there won’t be more later? And maybe an official brick-built Plasma Drill or more will be among that number?

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