Another Future LEGO Trademark: “Dreamzzz”

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LEGO seems to be on a trademark registration kick lately. You might recall earlier this week our report on the registration of “Brick to the Future” in the US. The rather vague wording of the TM filing by LEGO Juris A/S fueled speculation on what the phrase will be about. One easy theory would be it having to do with the “Back to the Future” franchise. Given just how recent the LEGO Icons take on the movies’ DeLorean Time Machine (10300) is, can you blame us? And now LEGO Juris A/S has filed another trademark registration, this time in Europe.

Stone Wars reports that another TM registration filing by LEGO earlier this month has surfaced. This is “LEGO Dreamzzz” (yes, with the extra z’s). The name appears in an application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), dated July 13. That’s actually even earlier than “Brick to the Future”. Even a later application of LEGO Dreamzzz with the Patent Office (DPMA) in Stone Wars’ Germany was in the 20th. The TM registration filing also contains the same generalized descriptions as “Brick to the Future”. Just what could LEGO be planning in the future? Are these new/original themes after all?

At the moment, both LEGO Dreamzzz and Brick to the Future are marked as awaiting examination in their respective PO’s. We probably won’t see any sign of both possible lines until sometime next year at the earliest. Stone Wars posits that LEGO is coming up with new theme lines to replace others that have been prematurely discontinued. LEGO Vidiyo comes to mind. One now wonders what Dreamzzz and BrickTTF will have to show us someday.

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