LEGO Creator London Postcard (40569) NA Release Pushed to 2023

40569 1

As 2021 came to an end, LEGO announced a new sub-theme series for its Creator line. The “Postcard” sets share similarities with the “skyline” sets from LEGO Architecture, but are aesthetically distinct enough to stand out. Like the name implies, the LEGO Creator Postcards presents scenic locations from various major cities a la Architecture. While both feature stylized brick-built building models, Creator Postcards look a bit more whimsical. So far, four sets of this line have come out, with the first two depicting New York (40519) and Beijing (40520). A later release, curiously, has yet to come to the US.

The Brick Fan has it that the third LEGO Creator Postcard set is delayed in the US. Postcard London (40569) has long launched in other major markets such as in Europe. But in US, the set isn’t going to arrive until next year, of all times. The lengthy postponement for releasing Creator 40569 is rather perplexing, and no explanation’s been given. It’s a shame given that this new line in the LEGO Creator theme’s been selling well. Stateside collectors have the rest of 2022 to go before London Postcard (40569) officially hits North America. A Creator Postcard recap follows:

All Postcard sets priced $14.99.

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