“Garfield 2-in-1” by Yang Yang Gets 10-K Support for LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review

Garfield by Yang Yang, LEGO Ideas 10-K supported

Name, on short notice, popular animal characters from the most globally recognizable US syndicated comic strips. Chances are the top critters will be a dog (beagle, specifically) and a cat. The latter will most definitely be “Garfield”, the fat lazy yet lovable tabby created by Jim Davis. He loves lasagna, sleeps every chance he gets, dreads Mondays and squishes spiders on sight. His animated series are hits, his live-action adaptations less so. And fans love him enough to make “Garfield” merchandise sell like hotcakes. LEGO might join in on the merchandising bandwagon, if this fully-supported LEGO Ideas submission passes review.

Yang Yang, a LEGO Ideas 10-K Club Member, has another product idea to reach the magical 10,000 supporters. His latest submission to make review is Jim Davis’ “Garfield” in his natural habitat. Rather, make it two natural habitats in one. First, we have Garfield on an armchair, phone on one side, popcorn and remote in his hands. Pose him in front of a TV and he’ll fit in. Alternatively, the chair is transformable, becoming his box bed to sleep in. Either way, this cat smiles his self-satisfied grin as he sits or snoozes in comfort.

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With LEGO Ideas Second 2022 Review getting really crowded, attaching a licensed IP to a submission seems might improve success chances. Problem is, there are quite the number of pop-culture product ideas in this batch too. This Garfield 2-in-1 build by Yang Yang will be in for a great run for recognition. We at The Brick Show look forward to success.

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