LEGO Explains Further Target’s VIP Points Availability Promo

LEGO VIP points available at Target

When the month of August started, LEGO made waves with collectors regarding their latest deal with retail giant Target. This involves the initiative making points from LEGO’s VIP program available when buying sets at Target stores. It’s an impressive deal considering that, while limited-time only, the promo lasts until the end of January next year. If US LEGO shoppers have Target stores nearby, they can earn VIP points (if members) over a six-month period. But for all the convenience there are of course some conditions regarding the LEGO VIP-Target availability.

Brick Fanatics brings us some additional specifics regarding being able to get VIP points buying LEGO from Target. One caveat, actually revealed upon the announcement, was the $=point difference between purchases direct from LEGO and from Target. Where $1 becomes 6.5 VIP points when buying from or LEGO Stores, Target has a $1=1 point rate. This is rather mitigated when one considers Target’s many discount possibilities with their LEGO set offerings. One new condition concerns the buyers. The VIP points promotion is effective within US Target stores only. Specifically, those availing the offer must have VIP accounts from US, not elsewhere. That’s unfortunate as Canadians or Mexicans can’t just travel stateside to join.

To avail VIP points from LEGO products bought at Target, VIP members must snap a picture of their Target receipt. Provided it has a LEGO item listed, sending the image to VIP Rewards Center will credit the VIP points. LEGO hasn’t said anything yet. But perhaps if the test with Target in the US is successful, they could partner with other retailers worldwide. It may not follow soon enough after Target, but it could happen perhaps in the future.

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