LEGO Bricktober 2022 Images Hit Social Media

We here at The Brick Show are pretty sure there are still some readers out there who remember Bricktober. Yep, that nice LEGO collaborative event with Toys R Us used to be a highlight of the LEGO reporting year. Then came 2017 and TRU folded in North America, the UK and Australia. True, it came back in 2019, and has been fighting to stay around even with the pandemic. But the LEGO Bricktober tradition has yet to return…at least in those areas. But in Asian Toys R Us stores, Bricktober never kind of ended. In fact, we’ve got some teaser news for this year’s edition.

According to Brickset, the first images of Bricktober 2022 just landed on social media. They got the scoop from South Korean Instagram user idonggy9541. If last year’s theme was fairy-tale books, this year it’s coin-operated children’s rides. Throughout October 2022 four exclusive LEGO Bricktober sets will be available in TRU Stores throughout Asia. As can be seen in the post image, collectors can get a rocket ship, pirate ship, unicorn and dragon coin-op. Like 2019 and 2020, this Bricktober collection will come in a nifty box. Asian LEGO collectors can go ham next month at their local Toys R Us.

Unfortunately, Bricktober fans in the US, UK and Australia will have to go another year without. They could try their luck with the secondary LEGO market. But again, it’s at times like this when the loss (or reduced state) of TRU is felt the most. We wish collectors in the west the best of luck in hunting these neat brick-built coin-op rides in the future. Stay tuned for further updates.

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