“LEGO Brawls” Now Available for PC, Xbox One/Series and PS4/5

legobrawls nswitch banner

Back in 2019, RED Games launched a LEGO mobile game app on the Apple Arcade service. “LEGO Brawls” could be best described as a LEGO-fied take on Nintendo’s long-running “Super Smash Bros” series. Select from minifigure characters hailing across LEGO’s various themed lines like “Ninjago” and “Monkie Kid”. Even licensed IPs like “Jurassic World” join in. Or you can create your own minifig avatar to brawl against all comers in sweet CG brick-built battlefields. The title’s been successful enough that PC and console ports got announced at the start of this year. And this September marks its official multiplatform launch.

The Brick Fan reports that “LEGO Brawls” from RED Games is now on wide release for major consoles. It’s certainly come a long way from being an Apple Arcade mobile exclusive. Console gamers got an early taste of the port when the Nintendo Switch version arrived this past June. Now, regulars on PC, Xbox One or Series S/X, and the Sony PS4 or 5, can join in the fun. And the fun can be had on a wide scale thanks to “LEGO Brawls” having online PVP. That mobile game app holdover, including seasonal/community event content, gives this title a cut above other Smash-like “party fighters”.

“LEGO Brawls” are now available on Amazon (for consoles) and Steam (for PCs). As a reminder, Nintendo Switch Online already has it, as does its original home on Apple Arcade.

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