Apple Arcade’s “LEGO Brawls” Coming to Nintendo Switch

legobrawls nswitch banner

In terms of LEGO videogames, no title holds as much hype presently as “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.” And that game isn’t coming out yet until April. It’s hard to blame fans, though. They’ve been waiting for this title for literal years, not helped by delays due to pandemic- and development-related issues. But there are other LEGO videogames outside “Skywalker Saga” and other titles from WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales. For instances, we have mobile game apps like “LEGO Brawls” on the Apple Arcade service. Years after its 2019 premiere, “LEGO Brawls” is getting a surprise major console port.

Nintendo Life tells us that “LEGO Brawls,” made by RED Games for Apple Arcade, is coming to Nintendo Switch. The bombshell was dropped during the Nintendo Direct online presentation this past Wednesday, February 9. It was but a short segment in a series of upcoming Switch game announcements. Still, we learned enough to know that it’s due on Nintendo’s hybrid game system Switch Online this June 2022. You can check out the segment on “LEGO Brawls” itself on the Nintendo Direct 2022 video. For your convenience, we put the video start right when the game comes on towards the end.

We were quite surprised to see “LEGO Brawls” break out of the Apple Arcade exclusivity. Also eyebrow-raising is the fact that Nintendo got it for the Switch. Perhaps the gameplay and presentation of “Brawls” has some similarity to “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.” Who knows? The Direct presentation also didn’t clarify if the game is free or must be purchased from Switch Online. We have lots of questions, but things should clear up as the Switch launch of “LEGO Brawls” nears.

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