GWP Ray the Castaway (40566) Running Out During Double-VIP Points Period

40566 alt1

LEGO gift-with-purchase (GWP) sets are both great appreciation tokens and incentives to spend lots during LEGO purchases. This goes double when a GWP happens to be a complementary addition to a main buyable set. FC Barcelona Celebration (40485) being a gift during the launch period of Camp Nou (10284) comes to mind. Alternatively, a GWP might be cool enough on its own merits. Collectors would then shoot for the minimum LEGO purchase amount for it. And when the GWP period overlaps with other events like double LEGO VIP points, the gifts-with-purchase can disappear really fast.

This is pretty much the deal this week according to Brick Fanatics where Ray the Castaway (40566) is concerned. Apparently this GWP, winner of an Ideas Contest, is running out on the online LEGO Shop, across multiple markets. Its total purchase price threshold of $120 in the US, for instance, comes across as peanuts to collectors nowadays. One might thank the latest LEGO VIP double-points period that kicked off this past Monday, October 10. Ironically Ray’s set only had until next Sunday left for its GWP period. At least there are other LEGO gifts-with-purchase items still available for early October. And more are still due to launch later this month.

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