Microsoft’s “Forza Horizon 5” Anniversary Update Name-Drops LEGO In Honor of Past DLC

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When it comes to videogames, LEGO’s got a solid standalone representation all its own. Look no further than the numerous WB-TT Games releases plus several console and mobile apps from various developer-publisher tandems. LEGO also has its fingers in collaboration with other game franchises. The most notable example of this would be in the Microsoft Windows/Xbox-exclusive racing series “Forza Horizon”. 2018’s “Forza Horizon 4” featured DLC of LEGO’s Speed Champions theme. LEGO versions of several cars, a separate campaign area built from LEGO bricks, “Everything is Awesome”, the works. The “FH4”-LEGO team-up was a big hit. And while the collaboration doesn’t return for last year’s “Forza Horizon 5”, there was a recent easter egg mention.

According to Brick Fanatics, a recent online update to Microsoft’s “Forza Horizon 5” added a cheeky shout-out to LEGO. This update, celebrating the “FH” franchise’s 10th anniversary, adds racing challenges calling back to past entries of the series. With the LEGO license already lapsed, Microsoft Studios couldn’t recreate the LEGO-brick environment of their “FH4” DLC. That didn’t stop them from having a character on “Forza Horizon 5” name-drop the toy brand mid-race. This was caught by game streamer Lost Phoenix Gaming, and was thus posted on their official YouTube channel.

Having LEGO pop in on a “Forza Horizon” game as DLC may have been a one-off. Still, the developers understood that many of their player fans enjoyed the moment while it lasted. Thus, we have the brief mention in their fifth game where nothing else LEGO was present. It does fire up the imagination, if Microsoft can partner with LEGO on another, future “FH” outing.

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