LEGOLAND Germany Starts Building New Wing Coaster, Opening 2023

LEGOLAND Wing Coaster Mythica Baustelle 1.jpg

With COVID and its successor strains no longer the world-stopping menace of recent yesteryears, tourism-entertainment destinations are long thriving again. The same goes for LEGOLAND theme parks around the globe. Guests are back, additional park sites are being constructed and new attractions are opening in current LEGOLANDs. Still, nothing can quite match, perhaps, what Germany’s LEGOLAND in Gunzburg, Bavaria has got planned. This was announced by their official website, as told by German LEGO news source Stone Wars. Said attraction looks to be planned as the new centerpiece of LEGOLAND Deutschland’s Mythica themed area. They’ll be getting a roller coaster.

And it’s not just any roller coaster either. The LEGOLAND Germany press release specifies it as a wing roller coaster. This design has the main coaster body support two wings of passenger seats, left and right of the tracks. The seats will also be suspended, leaving nothing under the passengers’ feet for even scarier thrills. LEGOLAND Deutschland is confident in their new addition because a wing coaster already operates at Italy’s Gardaland. It and the LEGOLAND parks are all under the overall umbrella of Merlin Entertainments Group. The unorthodox seating could also influence the coaster’s aesthetics, to fit with the fantasy elements of area Mythica.

At present, construction has only barely begun in Gunzburg, with just the boarding area and the first hill constructed. But when finished the ride will take guests as high as 17 meters and as fast as 15 meters-per-second. LEGOLAND Germany expects their Mythica wing coaster to open sometime in 2023.

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  1. Oh wow, this is going to be awesome!! Big fan of the LEGO Technic cars – I grew up on LEGO but they didn’t build ’em like this when I was a kid haha. I’ve been to Legoland in FL and that was incredible.

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