LEGOLAND Shanghai Begins Construction; Will Have “Monkie Kid” Themed Land

legoland shanghai groundbreaking 3

Monkie Kid has got to be one of the best new theme lines introduced by LEGO in recent years. A new adventure spun off from the classic Chinese novel that isn’t “Dragon Ball” all but guarantees popularity in Asia. Not for nothing does the animated series tie-in boast multiple Asian-language dubs. Aside from Japanese and Korean, “LEGO Monkie Kid” has a Cantonese dub and two for Mandarin. While the theme and show have a growing global fan-base, Asia looks to be its main stomping grounds. That would explain why the under-construction LEGOLAND Shanghai has plans for a Monkie Kid area.

First announced this past November 6, LEGOLAND Shanghai is one of three LEGOLAND resorts planned in China. Merlin Entertainments, LEGOLAND’s owner-operator, announced the start of construction on their official website. Soon to rise from Jinshan, LEGOLAND Shanghai has the honor of getting the first Monkie Kid themed area. As expected of the source material, this zone will feature Chinese architectural styles and natural landscaping. Through the LEGO Monkie Kid’ fun medium, young visitors to LEGOLAND Shanghai could also connect to their Chinese heritage. We may well expect attractions and walk-around cast featuring MK and his friends, plus their many antagonists.

The groundbreaking ceremony of LEGOLAND Shanghai involved the unveiling of a giant LEGO brick. This monument represents the symbolic first building block in the construction of the new resort. Merlin Entertainments CEO Nick Varney and LEGO Executive Chairman Jorgen Vig Knudstorp were VIPs alongside Shanghai’s Deputy Mayor. LEGOLAND Shanghai plans to open sometime in 2024. LEGO Monkie Kid on the other hand is promised to release new sets next year. Its animated adaptation should also have a third season underway.

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