Hurry! Last Chance to Get Your Custom LEGO Minifigures at 15% Off! 


Just a quick heads up in case you missed it: our official storefront is running a barrage of sales for custom LEGO minifigures. In fact, ALL of our custom minifigs are currently on sale with an enticing 15% off for each of them. This particular Brick Show Shop sale will only last until the end of the day.

From pop culture icons to your favorite Marvel and Star Wars characters, you’re sure to find those custom minifigs that you’re raring to have in your collection. Be sure to take a look at The Brick Show Shop, and while you’re at it, you might as well check this top 15 list of custom LEGO minifigures that fans add to their carts. Just click on their respective links for more details about these awesome customs.

Templar Crusader Knight

templar knight


Tigershark Pilot Trooper (Phase 1) Clone Army Customs

p1 pilot tigershark trooper 1066x


Jason (Friday 13th)

lego jason 13th


Flash (Wally West)

flash wally west


Paul Stanley (KISS)

paul stanley KISS


Zandalf, Zombie Wizard



Zombie Nurse

zombie nurse


Moon Knight with Display Case

moon knight


Recon Marine Woodland Camo MARPAT

recon wooland marpat minifigure lego


Post Apocalyptic Gunner

custom lego post apoc gunner


Stan Lee

stan lee


Zombie Santa

zombie santa


CCT Air Force Special Forces OCP

lego cct air force specialist minifigure


Sensei – Kobrick Kai

kobrick kai


Custom Darth Revan 

custom darth revan


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