Mega Construx Halo Infinite Series 4 Microfigures Now Available at TBS Shop!

Halo Infinite Series 4

Mega Construx is back with another exciting wave of its highly popular video game microfigure franchise. Following the success of last year’s Halo Infinite Series 3, Mega Construx now offers its next iteration of Spartan soldiers and Banished warriors. You can now purchase the Halo Infinite Series 4 microfigures over at our official storefront, with the option to feel your way at each blind bag or to have that ultrarare minifigure right off the bat.

Mega’s Halo Infinite Series 4 offer six particular characters from the video game franchise. Check out their details by following the links below.

Sealed Case of Mega Construx HALO Infinite (Series 4) Microfigure Blind Bags (32 Ct) – $139.99

halo infinite series 4 box

Microfigure Blind Bag – $3.99

halo infinite series 4 blindbag

UNSC Marine – $9.99

halo infinite series 4 unsc marine


Jackal Sniper (Active Camo) – $10.99

halo infinite series 4 jackal sniper


Spartan Anubis – $7.99

halo infinite series 4 spartan anubis


Grunt Imperial (Purple Armor) – $7.99

halo infinite series 4 grunt imperial


Buildable Sentinel – $9.99

halo infinite series 4 sentinel


Spartan Recon – $9.99

halo infinite series 4 spartan recon


I assume that the ultrarare in this collection is the Jackal Sniper in active camo. If you’re a fan of the series, then you may want to grab this one as well.


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