LEGO Star Wars Amazon Deals That Might Be Gone Very Soon

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid

If you caught wind of this week’s LEGO Amazon deals on some of the most enticing LEGO sets for AFOLs, then you’ll be glad to hear that there’s also a listing of LEGO Star Wars Amazon deals that is up for grabs. For as much as 20% off, you can have most of the LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection Series and a couple of premium LSW sets as well.

Check out these LEGO Star Wars sets on sale over at Amazon by clicking on the following affiliate links below.

Darth Vader Helmet (75304)

834 pieces | $79.99 | Amazon: $69.99

LEGO Star Wars Amazon


Scout Trooper Helmet (75305)

471 pieces | $49.99 | Amazon: $40.00

75305 1


Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet (75327)

675 pieces | $69.99 | Amazon: $59.99

LEGO Star Wars Amazon


The Mandalorian Helmet (75328)

584 pieces | $69.99 | Amazon: $59.99

75328 1


Imperial Probe Droid (75306)

683 pieces | $59.99 | Amazon: $41.99

75306 1


AT-ST Raider (75254)

540 pieces | $49.99 | Amazon: $38.48

75254 prod


Black Friday deals are just around the corner so be sure to stay tuned for more awesome LEGO Star Wars Amazon deals along the way. Plus LEGO is gearing up for its new product offerings for Quarter 1 (Q1) of 2023. Sign up for our site notifications so you’ll not miss out on these LEGO 2023 reveals.

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