7 New 2023 LEGO Minecraft Sets Officialy Revealed

2023 LEGO Minecraft

LEGO Minecraft fans will surely love this next piece of news. Because in case you missed it, LEGO.com has officially revealed its line-up of new 2023 LEGO Minecraft sets, scheduled to arrive online and in-store in January next year, alongside other licensed themes to be released at the sound of the first bell of 2023.

Personally, I’m glad to see that these new seven 2023 LEGO Minecraft sets show LEGO’s effort to somewhat balance their pricing while leaving more room for playability and aesthetics. This is crucial in my opinion since Minecraft is mainly a world-building game catered to younger video game players. It’s nice to see that even more than a decade since Minecraft once introduced, LEGO is staying true to form with regard to these play features and design.

Take a look at the following images, and be sure to click on their respective affiliate links if you want to know more, or add these sets to your LEGO wishlist this 2023.

The Swamp Adventure (21240)

65 pieces | Includes Alex and Zombie minifigures | $9.99

2023 LEGO Minecraft 21240 alt1


The Bee Cottage (21241)

254 pieces | Includes Honey Bear and Baby Zombie minifigures | $24.99

2023 LEGO Minecraft 21241 alt1


The End Arena (21242)

252 pieces | Includes End Warrior, Dragon Archer, and Enderman minifigures | $24.99

2023 LEGO Minecraft 21242 alt1


The Frozen Peaks (21243)

304 pieces | Includes Steve, Creeper, and Stray minifigures | $34.99

2023 LEGO Minecraft 21243 alt1


The Sword Outpost (21244)

427 pieces | Includes Sentinel Soldier, Guardian Warrior, Allay, Skeleton, and Creeper minifigures | $44.99

2023 LEGO Minecraft 21244 alt1


The Panda Haven (21245)

553 pieces | Includes Jungle Explorer and Skeleton minifigures | $49.99

2023 LEGO Minecraft 21245 alt1


The Deep Dark Battle (21246)

584 pieces | Includes Arbalest Knight and the Netherite Knight minifigures | $64.99

2023 LEGO Minecraft 21246 alt1


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