LEGO Employee Gift 4002022 Celebrates 10 Years of Friendship

LEGO Employee Gift 4002022

It has been customary for The LEGO Group to brighten the season for its employees and active community members (via LAN or LEGO Ambassador Network) with a free LEGO set that is exclusively made for them. Last year, it was Ninjago’s moment to shine with the Temple of Celebrations employee gift. And this time, with only 30,000 copies said to have been released, the LEGO Employee Gift 4002022 – 10 Years of Friendship exclusive focuses on the LEGO Friends theme, and its joyful celebration of a decade of friendship.

The LEGO Employee Gift 4002022 comes in at 1,209 pieces and features the minidoll versions of classic LEGO Friends characters such as Stephanie, Mia, Olivia, Andrea, Emma, and a costumed Santa figure. The set features a colorful fireplace with a touch of LEGO Friends aesthetic. It also features several references to previous LEGO Friends sets in the form of printed(?) tiles and plenty of translucent pieces that serve as a glass-stained decor for the base of the fireplace. On top of the set is a room where the original characters of the theme are gathered for drinks and a little get-together and catching up.

The LEGO Employee Gift is not available commercially or for reselling, however, it can’t be avoided some employees or recipients of this exclusive set throughout the years opted to sell it for parts or for some additional cash to be used throughout the holiday season. But in my case, I will surely be thankful for such a lovely and exclusive set. Any free LEGO is very much welcomed, especially an exclusive such as this.

Here are additional details about this set and special thanks to Hoth Bricks for sharing this as well.

LEGO Employee Gift 4002022 – 10 Years of Friendship

Celebrating girl power!

It’s been 10 years since the girls from Heartlake City breezed onto the scene. To celebrate the incredible journey of Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia, and Stephanie, we’ve created this perfect, festive set full of fun LEGO Friends details for you and your family. Enjoy!

4002022 lego ten years friendship front box employee gwp 2022

4002022 lego ten years friendship back box employee gwp 2022

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