Update: LEGO Ideas Third Review Stage 2022 is Almost Near

travel suitcase

It has been a while since we covered the LEGO Ideas scene, and in case you missed it, the LEGO Ideas Third Review Stage 2022 is about to commence with currently 33 product ideas on the table and still counting.

As a fan of LEGO Ideas and MOCs in general, I’m always in support of LEGO Ideas fan submissions, with more than a couple of project proposals that I sincerely cheered on, and eventually rose to the top as official LEGO sets (Voltron, 123 Sesame Street, and Cosmic Card Adventures just to name a few).

And though we’re still looking forward to seeing on shelves 7 more product ideas that managed to get the nod of the LEGO Ideas Review Team (The Orient Express, Tales of the Space Age, Polaroid Onestep SX-70, LEGO Insects, A-Frame Cabin, Hocus Pocus, and BTS Dynamite), there’s still a lot to look forward to with our next wave of entries for the LEGO Ideas Third Review Stage 2022. These are the entries that managed to get the support of more than 10,000 LEGO fans who wished to see them become official LEGO sets in the future.

In no particular order, here are the qualifiers that will enter the said review period. You may click on their respective links to know more about these original LEGO fan creations. And like other entries, there’s a lot of potential in this set of qualifiers. From pop culture icons to memorable, picturesque locations, there’s something for every LEGO fan

Lover House

lover house

Jack Skellington’s House

jack skellingtons house

House of Open Shutters

house of open shutters

Mechanical Flip Clock

mechanical flip clock

The Alpine Refuge

the alpine refuge



Sewer Heroes: Fighting the Fatberg

sewer heroes



The Architect’s House

the architect house

The Clock Tower Park

clock tower park

The Old Western Train Station

old western train station

London Underground

london undeground

Pixar’s Up House With Balloons

pixar up house

This is Fine

this is fine

BOTW Temple of Time

botw temple of time

Japanese Courtyard Garden

japanese courtyard garden



Cipher Machine

cipher machine

Castle Dracula

castle dracula

The Neverending Story (40th Anniversary)

neverending story

Wallace and Gromit

wallace and gromit



Modular Arcade

modular arcade

The Travel Suitcase

travel suitcase

Ancient Roman Temple

ancient roman temple

Golden Clifftop Temple

golden clifftop temple

Japanese Castle

japanese castle

Pac-Man Moving Display

pacman moving display 1

The Lost City

the lost city



The Wizard’s Retreat

wizards retreat

The Wright Flyer

wright flyer

Classic Thunderbirds

classic thunderbirds


Since we have a couple of weeks or more before we formally enter the  LEGO Ideas Third Review Stage for 2022, we can expect for more product ideas to make it before the deadline. Head over to the LEGO Ideas website if you wish to support any of the original fan submissions posted there.

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    1. And the list keeps on growing. We still have until January before the Third Review Stage commences – so its fair to say that we can have around 40 or so product ideas that will manage to get 10k support.

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