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Budding LEGO builders will have a blast this March with a bunch of new LEGO Classic 2023 sets scheduled to be released by then. has been updated once again to now include these free building sets ranging from $20 to $60 as seen on the home shopping portal.

These 4 new LEGO Classic 2023 sets feature a delicious spectrum of neon and pastel bricks that allows younger builders to experiment more on different builds. These sets are a great way to introduce children to the joys of LEGO building. The choice of colors in these sets somehow resonates with what we see in the latest LEGO DOTS 2023 range.

These LEGO Classic 2023 sets will be available starting March 1, and you can check their product details below.

Creative Neon Fun (11027)

333 pieces | $19.99

Kick-start kids’ creative development with LEGO® Classic Creative Neon Fun (11027). With suggestions for quick-to-build models and endless free-building fun, the eye-catching set inspires budding builders aged 5+ to indulge their passion for art and design.

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Creative Pastel Fun (11028)

333 pieces | $19.99

Inspire budding builders aged 5+ with LEGO® Classic Creative Pastel Fun (11028). With quick-to-build models and endless free-building fun, this eye-catching mix of bricks encourages kids to indulge their passion for art and design.

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Creative Party Box (11029)

900 pieces | $49.99

Bring friends and family together with the fun building activities found inside LEGO® Classic Creative Party Box (11029). This colorful mix of bricks for ages 5+ delivers a great shared play experience, whatever the occasion.

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Lots of Bricks (11030)

1,000 pieces | $59.99

For great play value, look no further than LEGO® Classic Lots of Bricks (11030). This endlessly entertaining building toy is bursting with color and creative possibilities for kids aged 5+.

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