LEGO Ideas Dungeons and Dragons Set Coming Very Soon

50 years of dungeons and dragons

The greatest fantasy tabletop role-playing game of all time is finally getting the LEGO treatment. Back in October, LEGO Ideas launched a building challenge that will test the mettle of LEGO and Dungeons & Dragons fans. And after several months of grueling idea intakes, expert reviews, and crowd votes, a winner was selected to become the first-ever LEGO Ideas Dungeons and Dragons set.

LEGO fan builder BoltBuilds and his Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End MOC eventually bested other entries to officially become a LEGO Ideas set. The announcement was made last Thursday via the LEGO Ideas website.

We know who made the Fan Vote, but who has had their entry selected to become one of the next LEGO Ideas sets?!

After hundreds of entries and an exciting Fan Vote, only one could be selected! A huge thank you to everyone who participated. We are very happy to announce that Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End has been selected! A huge congratulations to BoltBuilds, the incredible designer behind this submission.

LEGO Ideas Dungeons and Dragons

Fan builder BoltBuilds envisioned this next LEGO Ideas set to be the ultimate brick representation of the iconic game, featuring a Witches Tower, Tavern, Dungeon, and a Crypt. At approximately 3,000 pieces, this rendition also includes a magnificent Green Dragon, Beholder, and a party of six minifigures.

LEGO Ideas DnD set 6

LEGO Ideas DnD set 3

LEGO Ideas DnD set 4

LEGO Ideas DnD set 5

Given the size of this build, we can expect that the LEGO Ideas design team will certainly have fun stuffing in all the many play features that make this set uniquely D&D. We do not have a release date yet, but given the many approved LEGO Ideas product ideas still being worked along the way (such as the A-Frame Cabin and BTS Dynamite among others), we can somewhat expect this LEGO Ideas Dungeons and Dragons set to be on shelves sometime in 2024.

Will this be on your must-have list? Let me know in the comments below.

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