LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589) Promotional Set Officially Revealed

LEGO Pirate Ship Playground

Last week, we caught a glimpse of what could be our next gift-with-purchase (or GWP) set following other promotional freebies such as the LEGO Flowerpot and LEGO Houses of the World 2. And thanks to LEGO Australia’s home shopping portal, we now get to see the official images and product description of the LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589).

This latest GWP set comes in at 168 pieces and includes two children minifigures in their pirate garb. The build itself is a playful, brick-built take on a mini pirate ship as our minifigure characters will have it. Plus, it also includes a slide, a cute rotating octopus, a treasure chest, and a palm tree. The playfulness of this set is somehow reminiscent of what we can find from last year’s LEGO VIP exclusive gift which is the Pirate Adventure Ride (6432431) and LEGO Ideas Cosmic Cardboard Adventures (40533).

LEGO Pirate Ship Playground

Valued at $30, there is no word yet on how much you need to spend online or in-store to bag this freebie. If LEGO intends to have this as a Children’s Day gift as the product description suggests, then we might see a release date sometime in June. Children’s Day in the US is celebrated every June 11 so we might see a release date for the LEGO Pirate Ship Playground around the first week of June.

Check out the rest of the details of this promotional set as seen over at Stay tuned for future updates on this promotional set’s availability.

LEGO Pirate Ship Playground (40589)

168 pieces | Valued at $29.99 | Coming soon as a gift-with-purchase set sometime in June, 2023

40589 alt1 40589 alt2

Inspire imaginative play for kids aged 7 and up as they have fun building this sweet LEGO® Pirate Ship Playground (40589). The pirate ship comes with a slide, a water cannon, 2 kid minifigures, a palm tree, a rotating octopus, and other fun pirate-themed details. This set makes a great gift to celebrate Children’s Day or any other occasion.

  • Creative play for kids – Give your little shipmates a fun building set with this LEGO® Pirate Ship Playground (40589) set for kids aged 7 and up. Makes a gift idea for Children’s Day
  • Pirate-themed features – The build includes a slide, a water cannon, 2 kid minifigures, a palm tree, a rotating octopus, and other fun features
  • Dimensions – The model measures over 4 in. (12 cm) high, 9 in. (25 cm) wide and 5 in. (14 cm) deep

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