Ride the Waves With These Exciting Custom LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Surf Teams and More!

custom lego star wars dagobah

May the Fourth has arrived, and it’s time to celebrate everything LEGO Star Wars with some awesome LEGO deals! In addition to the 15% off Star Wars sale that is happening sitewide, we have a special treat for you – custom LEGO Star Wars Dagobah surf teams that will make your minifigs look totally rad!

Custom LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Items That Every Minifigure Needs!

Build Better Bricks and The Brick Show Shop have teamed up once more to deliver some of the most hilarious custom LEGO Star Wars pieces to add to your collection. Who says that Dagobah is a boring planet? Not with these neat custom LEGO pieces around!

B3 Customs Blue Milk Carton

custom lego blue milk carton

If you’re looking forward to your minifigs completing their Jedi training, then be sure to have plenty of Blue Milk around. The hot and humid climate of Dagobah can be unforgiving. But no worries, we’ve got you covered with the B3 Customs Blue Milk Carton. Made from high-quality custom-printed and authentic LEGO bricks, this accessory is udder-ly awesome! Luke Skywalker will definitely not mind keeping several boxes of this.

B3 Customs Blue Milk Barrel / Keg 

custom lego blue milk barrel keg 3 e1683239956310

If your minifigs need more than just a carton of blue milk, the Build Better Bricks (B3) Customs Blue Milk Barrel has got you covered. This high-quality custom-printed milk keg fits perfectly on an authentic LEGO barrel, so your minifigs can drink until the cows come home! Be sure to have plenty of these around.

B3 Customs Blue Milk Vending Machine Building Set

custom lego blue milk vending machine

What’s more grueling than a Jedi’s training? Well, do it in Dagobah and you’ll get the picture. But even with the most difficult training in the Force, there’s always some room for a refreshing drink. If a milk carton is not enough for your hardworking Jedi-in-training, then look no further than the B3 Customs Blue Milk Vending Machine. This custom LEGO set includes a custom-printed blue milk carton, instructions, and 35 new authentic LEGO bricks for building this awesome, minifigure-scaled vending machine. It’s the perfect size for your thirsty minifigs!

B3 Custom LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Surf Team Luke Minifig

custom lego team surf luke

Who knew that Jedi could also be surfing champions? The B3 Customs Dagobah Surf Team Luke Minifig is a must-have for any Star Wars fan who wants to add some surfing flair to their LEGO display. This entirely new minifigure includes high-quality, custom-printed authentic LEGO parts is specifically released on May the 4th to celebrate Star Wars Day! Don’t miss out on this, or you’ll be swimming with the banthas!

B3 Custom LEGO Star Wars Dagobah Surf Team Yoda Minifig

custom lego team surf yoda 2

custom lego team surf yoda 1

Last but not least, we have the limited-edition B3 Customs Dagobah Surf Team Yoda Minifig, which is numbered up to 50 minifigs only! It even comes with a uniquely printed circular tile indicating its limited quantity. Made from authentic LEGO pieces, this custom LEGO Star Wars Dagobah collectible is a must for your surf-riding minifigure collection. And with Yoda leading the charge, your minifigs will be ready to take on the biggest waves the galaxy has to offer!

Be Sure to Catch This Collection While Supplies Last!

Due to limited quantities, you can expect these custom LEGO pieces to be gone soon, so be sure to check them out – just click on their respective links to bring you to our official online store. May the Fourth be with you and your minifigs as they ride the waves on Dagobah with these awesome custom LEGO Star Wars pieces.

Don’t miss out on these limited-edition custom minifigs and accessories, or you’ll be stuck on Tatooine with the Jawas!

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